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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 4, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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aftit gets pretty stuffy.r a while,
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when dad opens up the window, what's the first thing he does? (kid sniffs) (dad sniffs air) the tobin stance. but when we open up the windows, you can see the dust floatin' around. there's dog hair pollen more work ♪ ding dong wow! what's this? swiffer sweeper swiffer dusters removes up to 70% of dust & allergens. stays on there like glue. you can't do that with the other broom. wow, i love it! (family sniffs air) the tobin stance. that's totally what it is. >> a somber vigil for be loved teacher and student killed in separate accidents just as the school year starting in
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pemberton, new jersey. thursday night, jim is off i'm mol monica malpass and the big story on "action news" tonight is double heartache in one burlington county school are memorializeed. the school is trying to process all this grief. sharee is live with more. sharee. >> reporter: monica, this young teacher was here full time one year. the student involved was only 13 years olt. despite that the two the community says had a profound impact on them. there were tears and heartache tonight and kind words to remember two of their own. >> a somber remembrance tonight for a teacher allison mcguinness and student jeniah castle bury closely connectd jen eye awas a student that came into a life once in a while. >> mcguinness was teacher at helen ford any comb middle
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school. castleberry was one of her students. both were killed in separate accidents involveing a vehicle just before the new school year. the community and this school family gather to honor them and to grieve. >> 13-year-old jeniah was nay traffic accident intersection of new bold corner and smithville road and nastia was her close friend. >> i feel like she's with me and like an angel in my heart now. she will always westbound me. >> while she was in the hospital her teacher, miss mcguinness was by her side. exactly one week after jeniah died mcguinness was hit by a truck jogging. >> she was a wonderful teacher. if i needed anything i would go to her. i loved her so much. >> ironically the trash sites for jeniah and mcguinness were not far apart.
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jeniah and allison were described as people who could light up a room. as is this this is the first day of the school year not having these two will make for a dive call school year. >> it was hard because walking down the hall so many memories flow in. >> reporter: and the students and teachers say that the heartache is actually drawing them closer as they are now vowing to make it through the school year together. and we're live in pemberton new jersey, sharee williams, "channel 6 action news." >> a pedestrian was struck and killed by a truck along street road bucks county that happened 6:00 near the intersection of johnsville road in warminster and police have not identified that victim. >> we have breaking news tonight from philadelphia's within the last hour gunfire ran out on paul street. 23-year-old woman shot in the
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leg and 21-year-old man shot in back. authorities show those survive. two men were seep fleeing in a lights colored car. >> we first told you about this last night at 11. violent home up vacation in the city home crest section on business owner and her 73-year-old mother. brutal assault was using a camera. 56-year-old gremelida of her home she afacts him coming up at her with weapon raised. as you can see the suspects over powers here and her mother tried to pib her off. >> one had a key mask she was able to rip it off and he took it when he wased in the house. >> jimenez owns a smul make --
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>> men victimize older women and do what they did that's being a coward. >> this is second time this week jimenez herself has been targetd five rutgers university football players are mopping the group akutsed of several home up sayings and assault. and victims were students. police say the motive was drugs and money. officers say in april the five tacked a group of folks leaving from one student with a broken jaw just offer campus. the students are now suspended from the football program. >> our fifth heat wave of the year is coming to end unfot fortunately saved the hottest day to the last. and meantime at the shore it was also oppressive. sky6hd captured this time lapse of sun sitting over back pays of atlantic city tonight and temperatures broke records there today. meteorologist a adam joseph at the big board. you can say don't sweat it but
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we're in one. >> as we look at today's high 96 yesterday and hottest day of the year so far 14 degrees above normal and philadelphia and four shy of record high for date. in fact other numbers 94 allentown on this third day of september, 96 and wilmington and 94 millville and record tying high any atlantic city. 95 degrees. just down the road and up the road it was a little cooler because of seabreeze, 85 sea isle city and beach haven 87. there's a front north and this front will bring relief and switch the waiters out of the northeasterly direction throughout the day tomorrow and as front slips through we'll see scattered downpours and storms, maybe stretching to parts of philadelphia county and delaware joint and chester country, no lightning strikes with this more in the way, a few storms will talk about that soon.
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i'm talking about the next heave wave in the sext four. >> people trying to clean the papal with a plan for ticketed areas. now it turns out instead of getting bus a pope the pope is sending to you. >> there's world of not one but two people parade. >> hi, monica we're standing in front of the art museum. you can't see the ben franklin parkway behind me because the setup for made america concert has already gun and many consider that to be a dry run for the crowds to be there. in just a few weeks today we got not one, like you said two papal parade that happen in the weekend, increased number of tickets you should be available in the red zone. they are available to members of local parishes in archdioceses of philadelphia
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and preset the local churches to set the basses to go quickl quickly. >> the ben franklin parkway renamed, the best place in the united states to see pope francis. >> to get a spot on the parkway more tickets will be available for the event of the papal visit than initially auns flounced. >> we knew how the parkway was going to be laid out and for crowd management it became important we have ticketed areas. >> 10,000 tickets available to the general public online starting next week for pope's address at independence hall. ten thousand for the festival of families and 10 thours for papal mass on sunday and additional tickets will be districted next week through parish and archdioceses of philadelphia and monsignor hans broward in wayne nrivdz rome three years and says concept service tickets for papal mass
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is pretty standard at the vatican. >> we're going to get large masses in front of st. peters and it's normal for them to have tickets and you get various colors in determination how close to you get. >> monsignor fuel company says his church will receive $130 standing-room-only places and now his hope toes is ready. >> i think i have already had about 50 reserved people calling in to reserve. we're districts them on a first come first serve basis. >> and again world meeting of families officials announce today two papal parades one on saturday and one on sunday will take place on the ben franklin we're live on the parkway,
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trish hartman, "channel 6 action news." >> monica. >> thank you cish the only thing i'm not pleased about is hotel association. all confusion is detracting from what is supposed to be a pods event that puts philadelphia on the world stage. >> it's becoming more and more of a challenge to sell thl event to people who are really looking forward tore it this is something that we should all be looking forward to and something every person in the region shrug proud of. >> and it should not be about keeping people out. when we go in and you know all of a sudden introduce ticketing and this late in the game it's not fair. >> well just three weeks ago a third of cents are city hotel rooms unsold and 7:9 3. >> and the hotel seshtion gil do well. they're not spanishing about it yet and we have seen road
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troopers ocean ocean city. >> visit our special section on 6abc come for come's up of pope visit. he never gave me itinerary. >> of course pedestrian checkpoints. >> also tune in tomorrow night for a specialetition of 20 20 people francis with the people. from the vote to vatican. here it is on 6abc before "action news" at 11. >> miss america cop test ants visited franklin square square front tore a bit of fun before the competition in ten days. all 52 state winners came to philadelphia to win the pavilion and frankly there to play host. pingt hopeful around to begin preparing for blim's live from atlantic city boardwalk september 13 on 6abc. and still to come on "action
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news" the jail time for refusing marriage licenses the same-sexed couples. what she need to do to gets adam. >> most of the country is baking in this september sizzl sizzle. 101 bismarck. 9 6 here. catching a brief break. we'll talk to you about that in the accuweather forecast. >> i'm nydia han before you hire a moving company we have a connecticut assumeer alert you'll want to know. >> i'm jeff skversky live at the meadowlands where tim tebow and matt barkley battled it out for third striingt quarterback and matt barkley battled it out for third striingt quarterback and find out how the
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>> a defiant county clerk refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples is sit physical a kentucky jail tonight. kim dave sis found in contempt of court in court testimony today davis says her conscious will not allow her to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples and her belief she simply not above the law. >> she's been ordered to stay there until she changes her mind and change her conscious about what that belief is. >> it drove protests on both sides applauding her for standing firm and the choice is not hers to make. davis can resign and if she doesn't the judge can keep her behind bars as long as she stand her ground. >> investigators have conclusively determined this piece of plain deb rewashed up on the island of indian ocean and came from wing of missing
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passenger yet. serial numbers match and the people on board westbound prepared dead. months of searching by sea and air and no black boxes and trendlees. so drain eagle. >> well, philadelphia district attorney seth williams held community walk in overbrook tonight wanting to draw attention to pair of unsolved shootings. williams led a group from best best cake kosher bakery where the owner was shot in august to 7411 young man was shot in the face at water ice stand. this is the fourth community walk of the summer. >> a packed house tonight in marple township as residents rallied a plan to develop the site of don qunela school. it was sold by archdioceses
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last year to a developer that wants to build stores and homes on the site. and many folks are opposed saying developmenting this area will ruin the green space and they're afraid it would lower their property values. >> and turning to a consume area lerts about a nationwide moving -- alert about a nationwide moving company under multiple names. nydia han has the details. >> like a lot of people do brian mcbride moving company online he called global transportation from yik yik to new jersey. >> we don't need to come out and do an estimate. they gave me a price. they collected deposit of $165 and set a move date. >> mcpride says the fris was $ $945 after movers began loading he said more things than estimated and would have to charge him double. >> i sanction because at that point i knew they had me and i knew i was taken.
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>> in a lawsuit mcbride. >> yeah, i'm cure us in. >> for more than 13,000 that has not -- >> global transportation appears to be under business under that name. >> what we discovered in this particular case was there two companies working as one. >> mcbride's attorney says this paypal receipt shows money paid went to always moving and storage ll dmrxt dallas and mcbride was amended to win that money at the defendant. >> you can have an individual and then if they get bad news use the other company. >> is pending and texas based company claims it is not affiliated with transportation and documents show they share an address. come on registration for vehicles and come on principal.
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>> better business bureau gives it an app. and according to bbb web site it is. >> i will stay until every sent recovered. >> get written, estimate prices never get guarantee and never get smiment by known and a faib should do a walk through and make sure mover has proper registration and license. in pa they're over seen by public utility commission and new jersey state division of consume area pairs and u.s. department of transportation moves from one state another. when we called always and identified ourself as "action news" we were told all ways is no longer business and when we called back and did not identify ourselves we're told he could get less than fair mode. resources to help you hire a reputable reputableer are on >> i'm nydia han, "channel 6
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action news." >> time to check the word. improving a bit adam. >> finally a little drop in that temperature. as soon as we get a drop it comes back up. enjoy the next couple days. >> little respite, absolutely. >> double scan radar along the region. >> even a few thunderstorms pop through parts of montgomery county and lansdale and now sit lightning left they can see a couple downpours because they rest of chester county and chester montgomery country line and smoom i could not here a newtown jar and she want to dump rain and if you know what seen the rain tonight you're lucky ones. >> as you look at temperatures it's still extremely balmy out there, 81 wilmington and comfortable, muggy, 81 in philadelphia and house in cape
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may near 80 for trenton and even lancaster. >> there's a front to the nort north. this front you could see littering a lot of clouds cover at this pleasant time and passing south late tonight and throughout the day tomorrow and as it does it could spark additional downpour for therm tomorrow afternoon. in the morning it is fairly quiet could there be isolated shower around. yeah it's possible but we have to wait until afternoon hours to start couple downpours and thunderstorms erupting and they look like they have a lot of money that is going to require a lot of business. >> sunny and dry throughout the day and stays that way at the shore and elsewhere on saturday got rid of clouds and north easterly wind take over and humidity drops. >> one fly in ointment throughout the upcoming holiday weekend a moderate risk to rip current every single day with wind shifting off the water persistently off and watch tha
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that. otherwise friday, saturday, sunday, sunny, breezy, but ful full. and. >> she wind with a scattered storm people an a lot of comfortable temperatures sunday and monday. >> the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. 87 tomorrow. we break heat so to speak. humidity sticks around with a couple downpours and storms. sunny and nice on saturday. low humidity 85. and then 90s are back. it's a dry heat. sunday and labor day. around 890, 91 degrees and humidity returns with the wheat on us is remind me, above normal wednesday and 90 then we have having four day heat wave number 6 should go back into the upper 70s on thursday. nowhere near normal the next 7 days in very small khans of that rain. >> thank you adam. >> a new study parents should
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trust instinct it's not but it's times of adhd before considered or anybody else does. one in every three cases attention deficit heighter activity disorder is diagnosed before the age of 6. it cansh to distinguish between energetic unfocused child and one who
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>> ducis here eagles jeff not the outcome we wanted. >> make believe the real game starts september 16 against atlanta falcons. no major trauma this preseason. we followed third string quarterback battle like a matter of national security. one player stand out. shelly goes with the rotation. barkley goes first. second play of the game. this is not how you want a job. underthrows. huff intercepted and barkley 4 for 9, and no touchdowns. that pick.
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tebow plays well. shows he escapes trouble and scrambles 17 yards. later in the drive we're in red zone. third and 16 give tebow credit perfect pass for bailey the local product that played well tonight as well. eagles trail by 5. recess. go to 4th quarter, fourth and sixth, tebow avoids the blitz. how about this catch by freddie martino. 189 yards. two touchdowns and one interception i can lose. >> jeff skversky is live at the meadowlands with more. jeff. >> hey, ducis, tim tebow has not made nfl roster since playing for yet three years ago and after how he played against jets tonight it looked like it may be beat out coughlin's. three tough downs. two coming tonight. while barkley is acted for zer
2:05 am
zero. both sides say they are not worried. >> i said this a lot of times. i do really mean it i can't worry about what i can't control. it's policing be able to come out here and plate i game i love. it's a lot of fun out there tonight. and i had a blast. definitely different than what i've been to in the past and you did a good job of coaching and what they wanted to see. >> chip kelly says he's not ready to make evaluation on the third string quarterback job. he plans top watch tape as we speak on the team bus ride back a quick decision has to be made and rosters cut by saturday. live at the mode owe lands jeff skversky, chapel 6abc news, ducis. >> jeff thank you so much safe travels home. still ahead tom brady scores a huge victory in a courtroom and wha wait to see hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn. i know it's been a difficult time
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>> score one for tom brady. overturned. a federal judge made that ruling earlier today. u.s. district judge richard betterman ruled roger guidele went too far were discipline of patriot's quarterback and for dispensing his own brand ever industrial justice. this is second. >> villanova opened season at uconn and coming off 11-3
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season 3rd quarter 9-6 uconn ron johnson fights within in paul short tonight. final score 20- 15 that's sports. >> next is channel and and "action news" continues at 4:30 a.m. with cecily tynan and david murphy. a.m. with cecily tynan and david murphy. have a good night tonight
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